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It is a comprehensive enterprise with many years of history, specializing in chemical production,
trade, logistics and warehousing services

Hubei Bofeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise with many years of history, specializing in chemical production, trade, logistics and warehousing services. Our company is the main force of chemical trade industry in central China. The company is mainly engaged in liquid alkali, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, liquid chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, chloroacetic acid and other basic chemical raw materials. Relying on the superior location advantages and golden waterways, the company has equipped with a shipping capacity of 4,000 tons of liquid alkali, 3,000 tons of hydrochloric acid and steam, and 2,000 tons of nitric acid. In Yiyang, Wuhan area, the company has built 15,000 tons of liquid alkali alkali and hydrochloric acid storage tanks. Equipped with high quality warehouse management, with product quality independent testing of the cooperative laboratory, the company has been committed to lean management for a long time, and took the lead in passing the ISO9001 standard management system certification and continued effective operation in the industry. Now it has perennial business cooperation relations with a large number of large chemical enterprises in central China, such as Hubei Yihua, Jianghan Oil Field Salt Chemical Plant, Hubei Shalongda Group, Hubei Xingfa Chemical Group, Xingrui Chemical, Hubei Kesai Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Liwen and etc.

In recent years, the company adhering to the "honesty, harmony, innovation" spirit , takes the customer demand as the guidance in the continuous exploration and improvement. Our company has established a good cooperative relationship with chemical reagent enterprises at home and abroad such as Xilong Science, Sinopharm, Merck, Thermofei, etc. The quality of our products has been recognized by famous domestic enterprises such as Huaxing Photoelectric, Changjiang Storage, etc.

Product quality is the foundation of Bofeng, but we provide customers far more than the product itself. Spot inventory, packaging, emergency response, technical support, etc., are equally important. Therefore, Bofeng has established a sales team with refined business and considerate service, which takes meeting the needs of customers as its working purpose to penetrate into pre-sale, sale, after-sales, and even extend beyond the products themselves. What Bofeng strives to sell is not simple products but services.

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